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Spectrum Signs offers a wide variety of custom sign services your business can depend on. Getting a sign requires many steps and we make sure that you will receive the best quality in service and product. Afterall your business sign makes the important first impression to your customers and clients.


When it comes to outdoor signs, the code is different for every municipality. Code regulations can even differ from one neighborhood to another. At Spectrum Signs, we conduct site surveys of existing signs and new construction. Our surveyors make sure that placement and design of signage follows building code. To avoid future problems and fines start with a site survey from an experienced surveyor.


Outdoor electrical signs fall under specialty construction projects, and many require a permit. At
Spectrum Signs, we guide our customers through the permitting process. We work with you to collect and prepare the necessary paperwork. We ensure that the final product is permitted and approved. Spectrum Signs is a state-certified electrical sign contractor. We can permit signs throughout Florida.


Here in Florida, signs not only need to stand up to daily use but also the hot and humid climate. The life of a sign depends on the fabrication and materials used. We can construct free-standing signs, and all our signs are fabricated in-house. This allows us to control the quality of each sign we make while meeting customer requirements.


Every business is unique and has different signage needs based on their industry and how the sign is being used. Retail signs are different than manufacturing or office signs.
At Spectrum Signs, we not only install signs, but can also produce directional signs, construction site signs, banners, posters, yard signs, and a variety of other customer print signs.

Helping you to stand out from the crowd


Installing business signs safely requires the proper equipment and training. Installers are required to be properly insured and certified. At Spectrum Signs, we work with local and national clients. We meet all technical and legal requirements for the jobs we are hired to do. We believe in “safety first” as a safe install cannot be rushed. We are committed to the safety of our customers and our team.


Having a lighted sign is only good if it works properly. Broken signs don’t instill customer confidence. Our knowledgeable service technicians can assess the issues with a broken electrical sign and in most cases repair it. We can also repair broken sign faces and replace broken parts.


We all want our signs to last a long time. However, after a few years in the elements, signs may start to fade and crack. We can refurbish your signs with new lettering and clean free-standing signs. Light technology has advanced in the last few years. New light sources need less electrical power and last longer than ever. Our technicians can upgrade old lights to LED’s with a longer and brighter shine.

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NAICS Codes:
339950 – Electrical Sign Manufacturing
238990 – Specialty Trade Contractors
323111 – Digital Printing
Insured, COI available for customers
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International Sign Association based safety program